The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

The Schuyler Blanket Project October 30, 2009

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On July 17, 2009, my daughter, Schuyler Brynne was born. Due to unforeseen issues, she lived a mere 40 minutes. Her father and I did not get to meet our little girl. We are completely heartbroken and know that our lives will never be the same. Although we now know we can have more children, Schuyler will always be our first and there will always be a hole in our hearts and in our family.

Shortly after we lost Schuyler, friends of mine on Ravelry got together to make us a blanket. Knitters and crocheters, most of whom I have never met in person, made squares and sent them to a dear friend. She sewed them all together and sent the blanket to us. There are squares in this blanket from as far away as Switzerland. Each square is beautiful and unique. They represent the love and support of our friends and many of them represent our daughter.

I take such comfort in this blanket and it occurred to me that other families might benefit from knowing they are not alone. I asked the original members of the group if they would like to help me create similar blankets for other parents who have lost children. They readily agreed and we are currently working on five blankets.

We hope to see this project reach many, many families. We know that nothing can replace a lost child, but we hope to let those who have suffered such a tragedy know that they are not alone. Please join us.

Thank you.


2 Responses to “The Schuyler Blanket Project”

  1. Emilie McArthur Says:

    I am upset because the loss of children at any age does not seem to fit in your parameters. Loss of a child is just as painful at thirty years as is newborn or stillborn for that matter.
    In any case, I would like to know the details in making squares and where to send them.

    • Emilie, I’m sorry that you are upset, but if you read our “Who We Are” page and the details of the blankets in progress, you will see that we do include children of any age.

      If you would like to pledge squares to a specific blanket, I can give your contact information to that blanket’s sponsor. S/he will let you know where to send them. If you would like to just make them for the project at large and not pledge to a specific blanket, let me know and I will let you know where those should go.

      Thank you for your interested.

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