The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

Thank you, WEBS. February 13, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tammany @ 7:06 pm

I received a package from WEBS today. I didn’t remember ordering anything from them, but it’s not all that unusual for me to forget my yarn purchases until they arrive on my doorstop. Mike brought it inside and realized that it had been addressed to him. I got excited thinking that he had ordered something for me. It turns out that what was inside the box was far better than a few skeins of yarn for me.

Back in December, Mike told me that he had contacted several yarn stores and other yarn related business about The Schuyler Blanket Project. He asked for donations and/or publicity. We were featured in Knitch and on My Mummy Knits in January. And now, we have a huge bag of squares from WEBS. They sent us dozens of their store yarn samples, knitted up into squares of various sizes and colors. They are going to be perfect for our endeavors.

Thank you to the wonderful people at WEBS from the bottom of my heart.


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