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February 26, 2010

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I have done a lot of research on this article, but if it’s true, it could spell disaster for the women of Utah. Please read the article and talk about it. Let people know how unacceptable this is. Miscarriage is one of those tragic things in life that often happen for no apparent reason. It is unconscionable that lawmakers would even consider prosecuting women for something that is out of their control. If you find this to be completely outrageous, let Utah know. Thank you.


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  1. Michelle Says:

    I live in Utah and I know it stems from when a teen soon-to-be mom paid a guy to beat her up so she would lose the baby. The guy was prosecuted but they couldn’t do anything to the mom. I agree that people shouldn’t be able to do things like that, but I don’t understand the miscarriage part. Now I’m really confused?!?

    • I think the fact that it is confusing is what makes it a dangerous law. They are saying that a woman can be prosecuted for criminal homicide if she engages in “reckless behavior” that causes a miscarriage. I have two questions about this. What defines reckless behavior? (Clearly the case of the woman paying someone to beat is, but what about someone who falls down the stairs or gets in a car accident?) How will they prove that the woman’s actions are what caused the miscarriage?

      • Michelle Says:

        I see what you mean. I personally would hope that if the person fell or did something that they didn’t know could harm the baby, that they would not be prosecuted. Unfortunately, some out there might use these cases to prove a point. This could turn into a scary situation very quickly. I guess we all need to pray for guidance for those who are placed in the situations of making the decisions and also let our feelings about the law be heard. Thank you for making me aware of what this law could mean. I was looking at it from a different side.

  2. kate Says:

    Wow, that’s really written poorly, jeez.

    IIRC, there have been several cases fairly recently (one was in Utah) where a late-gestation baby died because the mother refused medical treatment. So maybe that is part of the reason they are trying to ‘strengthen’ these laws. But the way this thing is phrased, the potential for abuse is very high. I certainly hope they change this, it’s ridiculous.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I left a little gift for you on my blog.

  4. Susan,
    I am very sorry about your losses and your recent troubles. I hope that you have been able to find the kind of support that you need. It is truly difficult to walk this path, even with a strong support system.

    My understanding is that the blanket for Cole is nearing completion. I know that Gretchen has trouble with tendonitis in her wrists, so the seaming up process was slow. I have sent her a message and will hopefully get an update from her soon. Pictures will be posted on this site as soon as possible.

    Thanks and best wishes,
    Tammany (schuylersmama)

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