The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

In Memory of Chris April 7, 2011

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Recently a recipient of a Schuyler blanket wrote to us to ask for our help. Her husband’s best friend, Chris, had died very suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Chris was a newlywed and was scheduled to be sealed to his wife in the LDS temple just a few days after his death. His parents, our friend writes, had been particularly kind and supportive during her darkest hours. She would like us to offer them the same comfort that she found in her blanket. In addition to losing Chris, his parents also lost an infant son twenty years ago. No doubt they are feeling the loss of their baby boy even as they mourn Chris.

Please help us bring comfort and warmth to this family in their darkest time. We are collecting 36 8″x8″ squares in soft, washable fibers. The deadline for this blanket is May 31, 2011. If you would like to pledge squares, please contact the supervisor at tammanyATschuylersblanketsDOTorg. Tammany will add your squares to the total and let you know where to send your squares when they are finished. Thank you.


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