The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

Get involved! September 12, 2011

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We’ve recently had a lot of requests for more information on how to get involved in The Schuyler Blanket Project. There are three main ways to get involved. They are:

1. Request a blanket. Do you know a family who has lost a child? Do you think they could use a tangible reminder that they are being thought of? Often, to a bereaved parent, it seems that the rest of the world has moved on when their world has come to a screeching halt. It can feel as though one is expected to “get over it” in a certain time period. Friends and coworkers stop asking about your well being and start acting as if nothing happened. Worse, some people are so uncomfortable with the loss of a child that they say nothing. A blanket can be a long lasting reminder that their child is not forgotten. It can also remind bereaved parents that they are not alone and that they are thought of, even years after their loss.

To request a blanket for angel parents that you know, please email Tracey. She can be reached at Tracey will add your request to our queue and assign a supervisor. If you would like to sponsor the blanket yourself, please let her know. If you do not, your information will be passed on to Jen who will arrange a sponsor for you. The supervisor and sponsor will keep in touch with you about the blanket’s progress. They will also discuss any color, fiber, pattern, or size preferences you might have. (Please keep in mind that all squares and blankets are handmade by volunteers. While we will fulfill all requests for blankets, we cannot guarantee that color or pattern preferences can be met. We’ll certainly do our best, though!)

2. Sponsor a blanket. Do you knit, crochet or sew? Would you like to sponsor a blanket for a family in need? Blanket sponsors are responsible for collecting squares, assembling the blanket, and delivering it to the family. Sponsors will work with supervisors to keep track of the squares pledged and the squares received by the sponsor. You do not need to join Ravelry or Facebook to sponsor a blanket. Your supervisor will collect your contact information and keep it “on  file” for communication purposes.

3. Pledge squares. Each Schuyler blanket is made up of 36-48 squares. Usually, these squares are 8×8 inches. Although some requests come in for specific color schemes, most blankets only require three things. The first is that each square be made with soft, washable fibers. The second is that they be as close to the requested size as possible. (We’re all human. We get that, but a tape measure is definitely your friend here!) Third, please knit or crochet a little bit of love, warmth, and compassion into each stitch. To pledge squares to a particular blanket, simply email the blanket supervisor and let them know how many you’d like to pledge and to which blanket. (Each supervisor is assigned more than one blanket, so please don’t forget to tell us to which you’d like your squares donated!) The supervisor’s name is listed in parenthesis on the “blanket stats” sidebar.

All of this information is also listed on our “Get Involved” page, the link to which can be found in the toolbar at the top of the page. If you don’t see the answers you are looking for, please email us at questionsATschuylersblanketsDOTorg and a supervisor will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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