The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

FAQs September 21, 2011

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We’ve received a lot of emails lately expressing interest in our group and how to get involved. It’s really exciting to see so many people wanting to support this cause. While we hope to keep this blog as informative as possible, we realize that sometimes things slip through the cracks. Please read this post carefully before posting to Facebook or the comments with your questions. Hopefully, you will find the answers you are looking for here. If not, please send an email to questionsATschuylersblanketsDOTorg. Questions left on Facebook or in the comments can easily get lost in the shuffle and we want to make sure that you get all the information that you need!

1. I keep sending emails, but they are getting sent back. First, be sure to change the text “AT” to “@” and “DOT” to an actual dot. We use the text to prevent spam bots from getting a hold of our email addresses. Second, double check your spelling.


2. What yarn/patterns/colors should I use? In general, the only requirement is that the yarn you use be soft and washable. Worsted and heavy worsted weight yarns are the most popular choices, but anything that you feel comfortable working with is fine. There are not general requirements for color and pattern, but please read each posting carefully. Occasionally specific requests are made for certain color schemes.


3. Where should I send my squares? Please email the blanket supervisor for this information. Each blanket is sponsored by a different person, which means that squares will be sent to various locations. In order to protect the privacy of the sponsors, we will not be publishing their addresses on the website. Blanket supervisors’ email addresses are listed in the “Blanket Stats” side bar, on the “Contact Us” page, and in each blanket’s original post.


4. How many squares should I make? This is entirely up to you. Most contributors make between 1 and 4, but we’ve had a few people make as many as 8 for an individual blanket. Whatever you feel you’re able to commit to is what you should make.


5. Can I just make some squares to be used where needed? At this time, we have a surplus of “homeless” squares and will not be accepting anymore. When this changes, we will make an announcement.




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