The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

In memory of Anne Marie October 28, 2011

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We recently received the following request:

“My son’s s sitter found out she was pregnant and due at the end of November. When she went for her first sonogram they saw something strange and sent her for a another ultrasound. She went to her level II ultrasound and they told her that she would need to terminate her pregancy immediately since they baby would not live. They thought she had a birth defect where the skin does not grow around the front trunk of the body. She refused to terminate and went forward with her pregnancy and asked for a level II ultrasound. At 18 weeks when she went to he level II ultrsound she was told the heartbeat had stopped although Anne Marie did not have the birth defect that they had thought she had, and she delivered Anne Marie on 6/28/11. There were complications after the delivery and she almost lost her life as well. It was a long fight to even be allowed to bury her daughter but she won that battle and laid her to rest on July 1, 2011. Through all of this she was a wonderful provider for my son an the other children that she cares for as if they are her own. I would like to provide this blanket to her family as a comfort when approaching her original due date.”

We are collecting 36 8×8” squares for this blanket. Please use soft, washable fibers in girl colors: pinks and soft neutrals. Squares are due by 11/30/2011. The process for pledging squares is a little different this time. To make your pledge, please go to this spreadsheet and enter the appropriate information. Thank you!


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