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Thank you, Jenifer and Tracey! June 21, 2012

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I am very sad to announce that both Jenifer and Tracey have recently resigned as moderators of the Schuyler Blanket Project. Both of these remarkable ladies have been with the project since it’s beginning in 2009. They have been as hard working and reliable as one could hope for. Their absence will definitely be felt! Thank you so much, ladies, for your dedication!

Heather and I will need to make some changes coming up since we are all that is left of our team of moderators. Please be patient as we work through the kinks. At this time, we feel it’s necessary to stop taking requests for new blankets, but we hope to back on track very soon! Thank you!


One Response to “Thank you, Jenifer and Tracey!”

  1. Ardis Roseberry Says:

    THANK YOU, ladies for all your wonderful dedicated work! You really have made a difference! 🙂

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