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And so we move forward September 7, 2013

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I’m so pleased to say that after a lot of work and discussion behind the scenes, we have decided to move forward with the Schuyler Blanket Project! We are continuing to get details in place, but we are taking requests and finishing up current blankets.

One of the most common comments was regarding how contributors are informed of our needs. There were several requests for emails each time a new request comes in. Unfortunately, this is not a practical option for us at the moment. I would encourage you to join Ravelry and keep up with us there.  The posts I write on this site are also linked to the group on Facebook, so please feel free to join us there as well.

At this point, we are not taking pledges for individual blankets. Instead, we are going to continue as we had been most recently. We have several collection points in the US and on in Canada. We are accepting squares on an ongoing basis. Please email me or one of the other moderators for the collection point closest to you. We are looking for a volunteer to collect squares in Europe.

A list of blankets that are in the queue will be posted shortly. If you would like your contribution to go to a specific blanket, please send a note along with your donation and we will do our best to fulfill your request. Squares should still be 8×8″, soft, and washable. Please weave in your ends or leave a tail of at least 6″.

Thank you!


3 Responses to “And so we move forward”

  1. Says:

    So happy to hear you are moving forward with this worthwhile project-I will be happy to send squares; just tell me where… I also hope you do post info here as I don’t really follow groups on Ravelry or Facebook. Either way, I will be happy to send squares again. Ann

  2. Pat Says:

    You mentioned that there are groups on Facebook and Ravelry, but did not give the name used for either group. Are you using Schuyler Blanket Project, or what? Also, I am in Central New Jersey, fairly close to NYC, where should I be sending my squares.

  3. We are simply The Schuyler Blanket Project. If you search for that on either venue, you will find us. As stated in the post, you must email a moderator for mailing addresses. We will not be publishing addresses publicly because the moderators are using their home addresses for shipping. You can find email addresses under the “contact us” tab. You may also click our “subscribe” button on the right to receive notifications of blog updates. Thank you for understanding.

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