The Schuyler Blanket Project

bringing comfort to bereaved parents one square at a time

Contact Us February 11, 2011



Heather L:

Heather D:


15 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. I just recieved my blanket from you wonderful ladies. I feel so blessed and just loved that you would send me a blanket. It really means a lot to me. I want to tear up as I write this. I will keep and cherish this blanket for as long as I live. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. My family and I really appreciate it! I do wonder how you heard of our story. Thank you so much!

  2. Louise Lucas Says:

    I tried to email Jen to let her know I would pledge 4 square for Mary (let Tracey know) and 4 squares for Sarah (let Melinda know) but the email was undeliverable. Is this where I should notify you?

    • My apologies! The email listed for Jenifer was incorrect. She can be reached at jeniferATschuylersblanketDOTorg. I’m sorry for any confusion. Thank you for helping with Mary’s and Sarah’s blankets!

  3. Nedra Beal Says:

    what a beautiful project! I am the head of the Patriotic Purlers. We are part of the Almont, MI American Legion Auxiliary. We knit and crochet for our veterans, our troops and any others who need us. I will present your project to the group tomorrow. I am certain they will want to participate.

    Please send me the particulars.


    Nedra Beal

    • Hi, Nedra! Thank you so much for your interest! It will be wonderful to have an entire group on board! I think this blog explains everything pretty clearly. You can check out the “Get Involved” page to find out how to contribute. If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the information on this website, please don’t hesitate to email us at questionsATschuylersblanketsDOTorg.

  4. Catalina Arabia Says:

    Good Monday,

    I tried to email you to the address you post to contact to pledge for squares, but the email was returned as undeliverable. Please let me know what to do to contact you. I would like to pledge and know where to send them for Mary’s blanket.

    Thank you
    Catalina / (9/12/11)

    • Hi, Catalina. I suspect you were probably trying to contact Jenifer? Her email address was listed incorrectly. She can be reached at jeniferATschuylersblanketsDOTorg. I’m sorry for any confusion.

  5. Helen van Rensburg Says:

    I am a South African citizen and live in Alberton (Gauteng province).
    Are there any projects here that could use squares?
    Can squares be crocheted?


    • Hi, Helen! Wow! I’m in awe that our project has reached so far.
      At this time there aren’t any blankets in Africa at all. Most of our work has been done in the United States and Europe. It would be fantastic if we could reach families all over the world. If you know of anyone that we could provide some comfort to, please email Tracey. She handles all of the requests for blankets. In the meantime, I will think about this and see how we can get you involved without costing you an arm and a leg in postage.

  6. Lori Says:

    I am have a general question about mailing in squares. Do they all get shipped to the same address? If I pledge to three different projects, will I be able to ship them at once or do they go separately? Thank you for all you do.

    • Lori, the squares get shipped to the sponsor of that blanket. Usually, this means to different people.We have sponsors all over the country. In my experience, it is not more than $2 to send a couple of squares Priority mail, depending on how many squares you are mailing.

  7. Jamie Says:

    hello I tried to make a request for a blanket but the email couldn’t be sent..can you plz let me know where I can make a request at..thank you

  8. Darlene Kolodz Says:

    I have made some squares – where can I send them now. Thanks

  9. Johng891 Says:

    I really enjoy the blog post. Great. ebbfbaedkbaf

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